Day 3… and a reciept


  • $.68 (lunch veggies)
  • $.06 (crackers)
  • $1.25 (coffee before class, GRRRRR… I send him coffee in the morning before work but on Thursdays he goes to class after work and “needed” coffee. 
  • $.06 (peanut butter sandwich, snack before class)

Justine and Caroline:

  • $.20 (.5 banana each)
  • $.09 (1 egg in the black bean burgers)
  • $.34 (2 potatoes made into fries)

$2.68 Total (1.43 without his coffee, did I say GRRRR!!!)

Now for my receipt.  I said a few days ago, that I was going to run my shopping a bit like the SNAP program, with money “deposited” at the beginning of the month. On Monday, we went to Save a Lot and spent 38.30 on food.  My October total is 279 (3*3*31days) so after shopping and coffee we now have 239.45

Here is how it was spent:

Bananas $1.40
Butter $2.49
Cabbage $1.18
Carrots $1.69
Celery $2.78
Chicken Ramen $0.99
Collard greens $3.69
Corn Husks $3.49
Eggs $2.69
peanut butter $3.99
potatoes $2.49
pretzels sticks $0.99
pumpkin $0.99
rice $1.59
saltines $1.98
spaghetti $0.89
WW Bread $2.99
Sharp Cheddar $1.99




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