Day 2… and mussings

Working through our stockpile is making it hard to tell exactly how well we are doing.  I think these first few weeks are going to be more about changing our mindset, and less about being exact with our daily limit.

Day 2:

For dinner Salvador and Caroline had eggs and pancakes, $.63 (from the eggs) and they ate $.17 worth of cheese

I had an omelet $.27 (eggs) and $.17 (cheese) and hash browns $.17 (potatoes)

Edited to add: I forgot the 1 banana DD and I shared yesterday morning. $.20

All the rest of our food yesterday came from stockpile so our total for the day was $1.41 Edited total 1.61 after banana

I feel like that is pretty good for a meal almost completely calculated.  I did have some peppers and onions in my omelet, which were from stockpile.


Typing up our meals, and being intentional about what we are eating is making me realize a few things.  First, we don’t eat enough vegetables.  This has nothing to do with our adventure, and everything to do with my DH not loving them.  I need to be more intentional about getting veggies into my DD and myself at least.

Second, This adventure is going to take some stretching on my part, and I am not talking about the money.  I am so used to planning meals around a starch and a meat.  Is it chicken and noodles or beef? Should we have rice or noodles with that?  But I am thinking I need to totally rethink how I am looking at meal planning.  Money Saving Mom posted 52 Meatless Meals yesterday, and I am going to spend some time learning to make them for lunch, and to replace the meat for DD and myself during some meals.  I wont force my DH to go meatless, but 2 out of 3 ought so save some money. 🙂


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