The game plan:

The point of this adventure is to see if we can live well on a low food budget.  In the past, we have gone through times of plenty and times of want, and in each of those seasons, we have found that we have enough to live well.  This may be a season of want for our family, but that does not mean we are relegated to boxed mac and cheese and hot dogs.

I have been thinking about the plan and how best to implement the process, and I have decided that it will be a bit like a SNAP program.  We will “receive” our money at the beginning of the month, and when it is gone, it is gone.

I will blog, about what we are eating, and how much it is costing, and maybe even post some Frugalicious recipes from time to time.

In the beginning, things around here are going to be slow.  We are eating through the stock of food we already have, I have no readers, and I don’t really know how to blog.  I am hoping as those things improve, this blog will become a fun place to be.



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